Interior Paint Colors that Help Homes Sale

Interior paint is one investment no home seller should overlook.  This is a statement you’ll hear this from nine out of 10 real estate agents.  Paint is one of the most inexpensive ways to add value to your home.  The average cost to paint a home is around $750 to $800.  Your return on the investment is about $1500 to $2000 added to the selling price of your home.

It is not just a fresh coat of paint that appeals and attracts, it is the colors used.  Over the past few years we’ve seen bold and dramatic interiors shaped with colors, as well as subtle colors that create an atmosphere that is unmatched.  As a home seller, neutrals are still your safest bet, but there are neutrals you should use.  Warm beiges and yellows for instance make the appearance of the room spacious and impersonal.

When you paint to improve the appeal of your home, you want to make sure to paint in colors that are neutral.  Yes, your favorite color might be daring red, and you think your master suite and bathroom will be ideal in this color, but will daring red appeal to potential buyers?  You’ll likely lose a majority of them.

Let’s take a look at a few different rooms in the home, and some fabulous colors for the rooms that are good to enhance your home’s appearance for resell.


The Kitchen

The paint in the kitchen will add more than just appeal.  Your kitchen paint also plays a role on the appetite of family members and guests in the room.  Designers agree that earthier colors and neutrals tend to be the best color choices for a kitchen.  Light yellow is a good choice in a color, and one that complements most types of kitchen cabinet wood species.  Browns are also a good earthy tone choice in a color and a color that is associated with the farm.

Colors also affect the appetite, which is a fun thing to consider.  As they say, we eat with our eyes!

  • Black:  Eat with risk
  • White:  Causes overeating, mindless snacking
  • Blue: Appetite Suppressant
  • Green:  Healthy, comforting and eat without risk
  • Yellow:  Exciting, memorable
  • Orange:  Gusto eat with caution
  • Red:  Energy, enthusiasm


The Bathrooms

The bathroom(s) are normally the smallest room in a home, and the ideal when staging a home is to make each room as spacious as possible.  Therefore, you don’t want to paint the bathroom(s) in dark colors.  Choose a light color which will give the illusion of a more spacious room.  Color can be added through bathroom accessories to spruce it up.  Good color choices are light yellow and tans.

The Bedrooms

The bedroom is thought of as a sanctuary, and bright colors should not be chosen to paint the room in.  Warm neutrals such as warm beiges and beiges are a good choice for a room that offers the feel of warmth and comfort.  Like the bathrooms you can add colors through accessories and accents.

The Home Office

When it comes to color choices for the home office, you will have a wider range of colors to choose from.  Cinnamon, dark brown and dark blue are all colors that welcome and create a relaxed atmosphere to work.

The Living Room

Salmon hue paints are a nice choice in a living room color.  Other great choices in living room colors include pale beige with a blue tone, or a beige tone with a green tint.  The living room is a gathering spot for guests, and your choice in colors will set the tone for the room’s atmosphere.  Salmon for instance is a great complement to a person’s skin.  So, salmon would help people in the room to feel a lift.  Pale beige with a blue tone is tranquil, ad beige with a green tint sets off energy.

There are so many different colors and hues that the possibilities in colors are endless.  As a word of advice, I would stick to what designers and realtors know sells.

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